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I'm really happy that you want to get in touch! Sorry about "the form" - with all the Spam and "robots" these days, our In Boxes can easily overflow! If you are a person who just hates forms, you can probably figure out that my name is Keith, and you know the name of the web site, and if you put those two facts together, you might come up with a pretty good email address!! :-)
I do, occasionally, (about 4-6 times per year) make announcements about shows and open studio events - yes, right here in beautiful McKinney, Texas. So, if you would like to be notified of these events, just let me know with that "Yup, Add me to your mailing list" Checkbox. I promise that I will never "Spam" you, and, if you provide a mailing address, I do send old fashioned event invitations through the mail! I think that they are pretty nice, and I always get excited about getting something other than impersonal junk in the mail! :-)
Generally speaking, I love visitors. So, if you would like to come by, get a studio tour, see what I've been making, or, frankly, just hang out and chat - well, just let me know. I tend to keep unpredictable hours, so it's best for us to set up an "appointment" so we can both be here at the same time! :-) And, yes, I'll send you some directions when we make the arrangements.
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